Frustrated and Confused

Dear F@W 58 Comments

Dear Sir/Madam,Its been 1 year since I joined this company. My boss has been giving me a hard time i.e tight deadlines,scary emails,messages which demotivates me. But sometimes my boss praises me and then after few weeks, my boss stresses me up. Read the rest…

Opportunity of a lifetime

Dear F@W 460 Comments


My boss has offerered to turn the company over to me in 2 years time. The problem is that I can’t stand the way he treats me. What do I do? Read the rest…

Evasive managers

Dear F@W 103 Comments

My managers continue to avoid me when it is time for them to send me the information I need to update systems reports. What do I do? Read the rest…

Presumptuous boss

Dear F@W 568 Comments

I started what I thought would be my dream job about a year ago. But nearly 6 months into it I realized that some things were awfully wrong. My boss started to make fun of me, including the place where I live, my boyfriend, what I wear, and where I go on vacation. Read the rest…

Indispensable to my boss

Dear F@W 1,472 Comments

I work in an organization where I am clearly the smartest person around. Not only do I frequently come up with new ideas, but I also make them happen. My boss loves everything I do, but what do I get in return? Nothing except people dragging their feet, or trying to compete with me…What do I do? Read the rest…

Crying Over Spilt Milk

Dear F@W 1,344 Comments

Dear F@W
I manage a group of software technicians who build software for our company. Recently, one of my people made a mistake, and I blew up in her face. Two weeks later she quit. Looking back, I realized that I overreacted. How do I prevent this from happening again?
–Megan, Boise, Idaho Read the rest…

Passing the buck

Dear F@W 81 Comments

Dear F@W
I work in a company where organization doesn’t exist. It amazes me how we can still be in business. As the newest person, in the company it seems like many people hand me work which isn’t my responsibility, yet I need to do it anyway as there are no procedures in place. “Pass the buck” is a regular thing, and it just seems like I’m always caught in the end. Do I stick it out, or do I change jobs ASAP? It wouldn’t look too good on my CV only staying with a company for 5-6 months before moving. I feel like I am stuck in a rat race against everything and nothing that I do seems to have any long term effects.
–Daniel, London

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My cheating boss

Dear F@W 332 Comments

Dear F@W
My boss is nuts. We work for a nonprofit where money isn’t the only thing absent; ethics are in short supply as well. Some of her duties require my boss to interact with city officials. She went off on the City Manager last Thursday, accusing him of sabotaging our organization. In reality, I’m pretty sure she is using federal grant money to line her own Prada. Even though we receive enough grant money to provide our services, the money never seems to go where it should. My friend in bookkeeping says our boss comes in there all the time asking her to tweak the ledger. I want to do something but I don’t know where to go. Am I an accomplice to her crimes if I don’t speak out? Can I get the boot for telling our board of directors? Help me!
–Reva, Midwest Read the rest…

Tipsy boss

Dear F@W 135 Comments

Dear F@W
My boss is a lush! When she is sober, she is respectful and appropriate – like a pillar of society – but get a few drinks in her and look out! All decorum goes out the window and she starts letting loose with nastiness you wouldn’t believe. No one is immune from her barbed tongue and she shreds the people we work with. Unfortunately for us, she likes to take her employees out for lunch and she’s got it in her head that it’s ok to drink during work hours as long she’s not at work – maybe she was a lawyer in a past life, always spotting the technicalities? Her comments are so bad we can hardly look people in the eye when we return to work. What can we do to zip her drunk, loose lips?
–Valanda, Charleston, SC Read the rest…

Listen to me

Dear F@W 423 Comments

Dear F@W
At the beginning of the year, our CEO challenged the sales division of our small consulting firm to come up with new ways to expand our reach. I spent the last three months independently researching and verifying an excellent new revenue opportunity. Well, the boss just trashed my proposal. She didn’t even let me explain, she just said it wasn’t what she was hoping for. How can I get her to listen to new ideas if she already knows what she does and doesn’t want? And how can I be expected to read her tiny, closed mind?
–Keshia, Sacramento, CA Read the rest…

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