Take Action

if it is any consolation, zillions of other folks are frustrated too. We hear many stories from the front lines, and have some fresh ideas to make life more bearable. Here’s some things you can do..

  1. Go within
    Seriously. Some situations are beyond your control. Get yourself some green tea, and sit in the lotus position. You are a peaceful desert island, and occasionally storms pass by. Read more about some techniques you can use to reach this blissful state.
  2. Talk to them
    Engage the difficult person in a dialogue. You might have spoken to them, but did you really communicate in a way they can hear? Read step-by-step instructions for discussing even the hottest issues.
  3. Bring in an “expert”
    Although your bosses might not listen to you, they might listen if you bring in an expert. You can also sign up your boss for a newsletter that gives useful tips on how to manage people more skillfully.
  4. Share your stories with us
    Let us know what’s frustrating you. Even if no-one else wants to listen, rest assured that we do! We’ll even post some of your stories (anonymously, of course) that may be beneficial to others.