Work gets on everyone’s nerves. Thankfully, you are not alone.

Frustrated at Work is a resource for employees who are fed up, and need assistance in dealing with difficult workplace situations. It is for folks who are:

  1. Just trying to get the job done and not getting the respect they deserve.
  2. Having a difficult time dealing with a boss, co-worker or subordinate, and nothing seems to be helping.
  3. Looking for resources and guidance on how to deal with their situations, and can’t seem to find anything.

We want to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, flames, or suggestions on what you’d like to see.

Who are we? Frustrated at Work was founded in 2004. It is a research project led by Center for NonProfit Success(CFNPS), and sponsored by the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement, Inc. (IDEA). CFNPS is dedicated to helping organizations deal with internal conflict and go through transition. IDEA is dedicated to problem-solving and creative thought. For further questions about the collaboration or the partners, please contact us


Media Relations:

Frustrated@Work is a research project and a public service. The objective of this project is to study the efficacy of culturally-appropriate educational material with a view to improving organizational efficacy from the ground up.

Press contact

The editors of F@W are available for interviews to qualified members of the press. Please contact us at info@cfnps.org