The red tape shuffle

Dear F@W 97 Comments

Dear F@W
Ever feel like a gerbil running in one of those wheels? All day long I try to make some sort of progress, only to find I’m right back where I started. Every project at this place has to get done yesterday. That’s not the problem; the problem is that we have to get approval from everyone on the management team. We joke about the red tape shuffle but it really wastes a lot of time. I have to go to Jack with Jill’s ok, before I can go to John and say Jack approved, before I can go to Jane and say John give the thumbs up. It’s a ridiculous process and I’m sick of it. Do you have any suggestions about how to stop the madness?
–Steve, Richmond VA Read the rest…

Earning the boss’s respect

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Dear F@W
I recently started a new job as a department coordinator – I thought that such a position would come with a bit of built-in respect but boy was I wrong. My boss is the micromanager from hell – I’m surprised she hasn’t scheduled my bathroom breaks – but her trusty sidekick secretary is even worse. Read the rest…

Taking sides

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Dear F@W
Two of my coworkers argue constantly and they have turned my workplace into an elementary school playground by trying to get me to take sides. The problem is we’re not kids anymore and one of the idiots just happens to my supervisor. I tried to just stay out of it but my boss is now turning into the school yard bully saying that unless I go along and trash the other guy, he’s gonna give me a bad review. I’d like to report him to the Principal (aka the head of the company) but I’m worried my boss will “beat me up after school” once he finds out. How do I get back into the adult world?
–Eric - Houston, Texas Read the rest…

Show me the way to go home

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Dear F@W
I work in a LOUD environment. Some days I can’t even hear myself think. Not only is it loud, it is filled with disruptive people who think I care about little Ricky’s part in the school play or how well they like the latest movie. The constant chatter and never-ending drone of the copy machine are driving me insane and impacting my ability to do my work. Read the rest…

Hypocritical Boss

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Dear F@W
My boss is the very definition of a hypocrite. He loafs around all day, coming and going as he pleases. He goes to the gym, he plays golf, he takes three hour lunches, he never stays past 5, and he delegates every single task he is responsible for. Yet, he constantly harps on the rest of us to work harder and be responsible. He was all over my case to get a report completed and didn’t even realize it had been sitting on his desk for days! Read the rest…

Insecure supervisor

Dear F@W 424 Comments

Dear F@W
I have not one, but two bosses! My direct supervisor and I are about the same age and have similar experiences – basically, I could do her job but I don’t ever rub that in. My other boss is the GM and he really knows his stuff. I admire him; we get along and joke around. Lately my supervisor has turned nasty. She bosses me around like I’m incompetent. She shuts down my ideas in meetings. It’s like she’s out to get me. Read the rest…

Know the end is near

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Dear F@W
The company I currently work for is a sinking ship. I have been covertly looking around for a bigger, better, and more secure job. While I was looking, I found out that my company plans to fire me! Unbelievable. They can’t afford me anymore so they found someone at half my salary and zero experience. Even though I have a new job starting soon, I have not yet given notice to my current company. So now, I’m getting fired and they want me to train my own replacement. Regardless of the fact that I am landing on my feet, I’m ticked off that they think it’s ok to let me train the person who is booting me out. Read the rest…

iPod thief

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Dear F@W
Last week we had an open house at our office – you know, where strangers can come and go and there are lots of people milling around. Well, my dumb-ass boss wants to impress everyone by playing Mozart in the background so he turns his fancy iPod on and leaves it hanging around. Guess what – the iPod disappeared and supposedly I’m the thief. Read the rest…

Anger management

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Dear F@W
My boss is a ticking time bomb. He blows up over the most insignificant things. Everyone walks on eggshells around him because you never know when you will trigger an explosion. However, once it starts, you can’t discharge it. His beady little eyes glaze over, then the veins in his neck get huge, then his voice gets real low before he blasts out rants and curses and spittle-filled accusations. It is so over the top it’s funny. But it is also impossible to work with. It has gotten to the point where I am beginning to worry about his mental health. I have tried ignoring the outbursts and asking him to stop shouting but nothing seems to help. Is there an option I haven’t considered?
–Mary-Anne, Boston Massachusetts Read the rest…

Micromanaging boss

Dear F@W 1,996 Comments

Dear F@W,
My boss is treating me like a friggin child and I can’t take it! She is the ultimate micromanager – hounding me constantly to make sure I’m doing what I’m told. Give me a break – all I seem to hear is, “Is it done yet?” “What’s the progress?” “Where are we at?” If I hear another question come out of her mouth I’m gonna explode. When I remind her that we have lots of time, all she can say is that it does no harm to check up on me. No harm my ass! It harms my self-esteem and confidence and I’m going to end up harming her if it continues. How do I get my boss to trust me before I absolutely lose it?
–Anna, Sacramento California

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